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Oil Sands Mining Solutions

Oil Sands

We have led bitumen froth treatment for decades with custom demulsifiers, leading polymer technologies and tailings processing solutions. For SAGD, we provide customized emulsion breakers that offer rapid, sharp separation and give on-spec oil with virtually no interface issues or waste. We apply over 80 years of boiler experience to help customers recycle produced water into safe, reliable and cost-effective steam. Complete life-cycle support begins with drilling, cementing and stimulation.
Research and Resources
Our team includes more than 35 researchers exclusively dedicated to addressing water, heavy oil and bitumen issues for oil sands. We have more facilities, more onsite technical experts and more people on the ground to provide exceptional service and support everywhere it’s needed.
Optimizing Water Usage
SAGD operators rely on recycled produced water as a major component for steam production. Responsibly managing produced water and enhancing reuse is essential. Our superior reverse emulsion breakers help enhance water clarification performance and maximize water volume available for reuse.